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Friday, July 9, 2010

Here's hoping

That the pond stays full, and I don't have any more leaks. I'll know tomorrow. In the mean time, take a look at the pond now.
The fairies had to move one of the houses next to the lower part of the waterfall, as the water over-ran their basement. lol.
  The water is deep enough for the fish to run from one pond to the other, but I have no idea just how deep it is in the deepest part. I don't think I can put any more water into the little pond as it has creeped up the near the top of the lowest level.
  I think my dragon looks like he's alive out there now, and the water is up to his rock. I don't know how to hide the tubing for the pump and I don't like the way it looks, but maybe I'll come up with an idea.
  Now that I can relax a little and smell my roses.
  Tomorrow, I plant the first of my new Irises, then I need to get a little rest, and do some sewing. Boy am I glad this is done, but isn't it something?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Last of the hauling.

  I am so close to being done. I am waiting on the waterfall box and the Windsor bricks to finish the pond. I got the liner that was leaking resealed today and am waiting the 24 hours to begin filling the pond again and then it will be a matter of waiting to see if it leaks {and I really, really hope not}. It was a lot of work trying to reseal the two liners nearest the little pond, as the area was not easy to work in. But with any luck it is done.
  I have a little more hauling buckets of dirt to fill up the raised beds in the first green house, as I got in a hurry to put up the plastic/glass and didn't fill those beds with dirt.
  I did get the bridge back over the water trough and it will stay for this year, but I am expecting a new bridge the end of the month. This one is getting a bit old, and needs to be replaced.
  Just need to put up the glass in the last greenhouse, finish bricking around the pond, adding to the waterfall, and get it running, and I will have done a huge amount of work this year. Thankfully I have had help, now and then.
  A little clean up, and planting the new Irises when they get here.
I also have the raised beds to set up, out side the green houses, but that is minor compared to what I have done.
  Then paint the back porch floor and I will be done with the outside work. Now to get the sewing finished, and I can start to pack and repack for my trip.
  I have had to sit down and just wonder at how I was able to get so much done. I have paid the high price in pain, but I can be proud of what I was able to do. It really makes me feel good about myself, even with the overload of pain.
  My famous last words, are going to be.... "I can't believe how much I have gotten done!"
  If you had to live with what I do, you might not understand how I do it, but one thing is for sure. Mind over matter. For people who just can't do a thing, cause their little pinky hurts. I have one thing to say.
"Get over it!" The mind drives the body, and the rest you just have to live with. I do, everyday of the year, and then some. But I am sure going to be looking forward to no more hard work outside this year, cause I did enough already.
  Next year I'll work on the railroad, and then I will run the train and enjoy what I did this year. I hope to bring the Koi fish home next week, and then the last week of this month will be the high school reunion at my house. I think I need to clean out the fridge. lol.

So close to being done!

  I am almost there. And thankfully I can rest a bit. I need it. Well, I'm not doing nothing, lol, as there is sewing to be done now. But the heavy stuff, is all but done. I am sooooo-o-o-o glad.
  The second greenhouse is up but I ran out of nuts {some must have fell out of the box, as the bag was broken}. So, sometime today I will  make that trip to town to get nuts, so I can finish.
  Then I am waiting on the waterfall box and the Windsor stones to be delivered, and I can finish around the pond and the last of the waterfall. I am so close to getting done.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One down and one to go!

  I got the first greenhouse done today, in between the rain storms. These are going to come in handy. I got the two little ones, because I wanted to make sure I could get them put up instead of buying one big one that I wouldn't be able to handle. They are the same size and design. I think they will work out very well, and with the raised beds outside the greenhouses, I can plant things that will need more room to grow, both up, around, and down. Those things that need a bit more time will grow in the green houses, and I can get started by the end of April, or the first of May.
  The framework was easy, it's what is holding the clear pieces in place that got a bit hard to do.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The greenhouses

  This is as far as I got today, on the first of two little greenhouses. They will come in handy, and with the raised beds will work very well.
  Sitting on the backside of the old garden area, there will also be some raised beds along side the two green houses, to handle the overflow and what I am sure will make it in the short growing season.
  The greenhouse so far isn't difficult to put together. I hope to finish the first one tomorrow. There is a very big black storm brewing outside right now, so I had to quit and come in.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The mini Waterfalls

I got the mini waterfalls done today, except for a little adjusting where the water falls from the top pool. The fish are called spitters, as they spit water out their mouth, and I'm not to sure where they will go.
  All I do know is that it was a lot of trips back and forth carrying rocks around to where I was building the mini waterfall. I also did some pruning on the bush as there is another bush that I planted to close on the back side and it was being crowded out, and needed room to grow. I also needed to clear the way for the train to run along the fence line, after circling around the backside of the waterfalls.
  I added some large flat rock to help shore up along side the path way. If the train runs along there it needs to be safe from avalanches, and with nothing holding up the dirt, it needed a little help.

    In all there will be 8 courses in the falls, not counting the waterfall box {and I know I'll need that to regulate the flow of water from  the pump}.  This is a lot of stone and many, many trips around the garden area to carry rocks up and then to fit them in place. Because of where I was adding the rocks, I couldn't get anything back there that I could have hauled the rocks in/on. Soooo.o.o one or two at a time I moved rocks. And I feel like I moved a mountain.
  I also did some clean up in the last place I worked so it wouldn't look so bad. Next on my list is to start putting together my green houses. When I get them up to where it's time to put the roof on, I will have to have help, because I know I can't lift that up in the air.
  First is leveling the ground out, as there is a bad slope where the green houses need to go. I will also have to begin hauling the rock to finish off the back side of the koi pond in my FJ. About 3 or 4 trips I think.
 More hauling stone. lol. It never seems to end, but this was a good days work.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Tudor cottage

This is the last one for this part of the garden until next year. I  have added two more little trees, and with the four buildings, sheep and the start of the train layout, this is as far as it will get this year.
  I also added another section to the waterfall. It takes quite a bit of building up to get that next section up, so it has been slow going. Hopefully the waterfall with get done very soon. I had to fall back and regroup on the koi pond, as I had a leak. Now to reposition the two pieces back together. I hope I can get it right this time and it doesn't take as long. It was a back braking job for me.
  Now, to get the green houses up and paint the back porch floor. LOL... that and a whole lot more before I'm done.
Oh and lets not forget the sheep....

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Four Square Train depot

In the front left side of the garden I will have my train starting to run next year, and as it's in the Four Square garden area, I decided to call it the Four Square Tain Depot. There is a church, a larger cottage and a small one now in place, with some sheep that have started to graze on the grass I planted. A bridge goes over the "yellow pond"{an old bath tub I've had for years} and the first piece of train track is where it will begin the loop. This village is a bit larger, and there are two other houses and some train buildings ready to go in next year.
  I can't wait to get started on this part of the garden, but to have finished the formal garden, the waterfall, koi pond, playhouse, and thyme garden, let alone the garden up next to the house where some of the new irises will go. Then I still have the porch floor to paint, and put up the green houses, so I think I will have done a lot if I get these finished. Here is the larger village.