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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Burning the Midnight Oil

  Ever wonder where that phrase came from? It certainly calls it like it is.  I don't know how many nights I have been up way into and past the midnight hour, and certainly burning that midnight oil. Of course nowadays it's call electricity. But one burns it just the same.
  Which brings me to that question. Are you a night owl, or a morning lark? Most night owls burn that oil at night, but very few larks do. It can be difficult meeting up these two differently geared people. I am a night owl, spend many a night up late, but as I get older I tend to be getting up earlier as well. So there just isn't much sleep there at all. Who needs it?
  One thing I have found about the midnight oil, is that I think clearer at that time of night for some reason. I'm more creative, cover more ground and work out more problems then at any other time. I have even been seen to be cleaning house at that time of night. So what is it that tends to make the differences between the two? I'm sorry, I haven't a clue. I only know that there is a difference. And it tend to work for me best at night.
  I don't think it really matters about the two, except sometimes no matter how hard you try you just can't quite make the other person understand you. And you don't quite understand them.
  I have often wondered if there was a special time of day or night, where all the powers that be seem to have everything flowing in the right direction for whomever chooses to tap into it. I know there have been times that I just seemed to connect into something where all the answers were, and all the ideas could be found, and the creativity was piled around like so many jewels waiting for someone to pick them up. I help myself when this happens, and it happens ever so  often in that magical midnight oil time.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Inspiration... where does it come from?

What do you get inspired by? Almost everyone is inspired by something... be it music, a painting, a picture, nature,resources {like magazines, books, the internet} and often just plan seeing someone else's craft.
  I had the pleasure to see something I just completed, inspire someone to try their hand at creating with something I had used. I don't create, just to show you how great and good I am. That's not me. I create to inspire. I hope that by something I do, others will watch and learn, and then try it out for them selves. There is nothing better then doing this as far as I am concerned.
  Where do I get my inspiration? That's not easy to answer. Sometimes, it's something I see in a picture in a magazine, or looking at other peoples crafts. Maybe all of it isn't to my taste, but sometimes there is something there that sparks an answering response. 
  The creative urge is a powerful thing. Ignore it and you lose. Run with it, and you never know what will come out in the end, but whatever it is, it's bound to be something worth having been created. When I am inspired to do something, I have to go with it. If I even think about doing something else, it's an uphill battle, that I always lose. So I always "go with the flow".
  Often daydreaming brings inspiring thoughts. I've had music do the same thing. One has to let go of preconceived notions and let the mind wander. They call it "thinking outside the box".
Throw the rules away, make the feet big and the head small on that doll, is it your Aunt May?Paint a purple sky, and see what lives under the bridge there. Use everything you can, every stitch you know to create that quilt. Make the water flow and part for you!
  I can't teach you how to be creative in a few words, or show you all the avenues of inspiration. You will have to let go and look at everything with less control, and more of whatever it is you like most. Then see where it will take you.
  I can bet you will be surprised.... and inspired yet again to newer heights. It's just that simple.
Take that leap of faith in your own creative mind....and see where you land. Maybe down a rabbit hole? lol.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Creativity...Does it supply or drive you?

Isn't the mind a wonderful thing? So many channels, so many avenues one can take, and none lead to the same place, even when two people are thinking alike {and that's not a bad thing either}. There is always that little bit of difference.
It's what makes us different from each other, and a good thing to as we wouldn't be able to deal with a hundred others just like ourselves, and then where would individuality be? I for one am glad there is only one of me. I like being me, and as me, will leave behind the traces of things I've created in my lifetime. So when the end comes, I don't walk thought the pearly gates all pristine and perfectly groomed. I want to slide in on my butt, and be able to tell the powers that be...  I used it all! Every bit of creativity you gave me or I managed to add to, is there.... in my work, my art,my life. Accessible for everyone to see hear or read. I have nothing left.
  That is my life goal. Accountable to no-one but myself. I'm not perfect, but no-one is, so I refuse to allow anyone into my life, who places blame or doubt on me for themselves.
  It's not " let them eat cake:, it's "let them be accountable for themselves."
  Well I have a lot to get done in a day, but as always, one thing at a time. Count it a blessing one can use their creativity to work on multi-levels of problems at once. That to is part of being creative, and from time to time needs a house cleaning, to keep from being driven by other then our goals. {One reason we tend to overload and become frantic in nature to complete everything at once.} We often forget that the process of creating is in it's self a goal, and the completion there of is another. In other wards stopping to smell the roses... or in  this case enjoy the "creating" of the project, is as important as the completion of the project.
This is I believe a reason artists are in a class unto themselves. Not better, just different, in thoughts, and deeds. A lot of the time it's hard for one who isn't creative to understand what we need , want, or are driven by to create.
  I ran into a problem with someone who was close to me, where they couldn't accept, I had the right to be creative. Because I was older, and had done many things already, they selfishly wanted to deny me the right to all that had gone before them, so they could clam they did it first. It wasn't important who did what first, or for that matter what was done. It should have been... I did it my way, this is how I completed this, and this is the result, and I am happy with it. The two paths only crossed because we were related, and for no other reason.
  After all this time, I have come to realize, I can only answer for me, and I am not accountable for those related to me. If the path they choose is strewn with jealousy, and unaccountability then they have my pity, but nothing more. I waste no more time on what they try to attribute to me. It's not my problem. For all the world they can choose to blame me, and try to shout to everyone around what they believe to be true, but again... it's only their opinion, and nothing more. My rights are clear and my own, and nothing they do or say will make it any different.
  The biggest difference I can see between myself and this person, is I do not belittle, condemn , or most of all judge others. I try to keep things to "in my opinion", and not make statements about the other person, unless they are something good, encouraging or helpful. We are all allowed our own opinion. Just don't try to make your opinion law over everyone else, and making statements as such is not productive. That way, it's meant to be destructive, and of no help to anyone, except to bolster up the person doing it.
  There are times when someone is on a level of denial that is harmful to others, so what do you do? I can't change that person, and I'm not accountable for that person, even if I care about them or are related to them, it's not my place to step in and "make it right". I may warn others if I feel there is a reason for possible harm, in my opinion, but not in a way to condemn that person and not to the whole world.
  My self worth is not decided by any one else. Just that simple. You decide for you... and I'll take care of me, and what I do or don't do. This is a statement of fact, not a confession. So get your big girl panties on and deal with it. Once again, I've been there before you and that doesn't make me wrong, or mean, or to blame.
  You most often complain about that which is really wrong with yourself. The other person has nothing to do with it. They just happen to be there in your way to where ever it is you want to go. They have rights also. Make room for them, and you make room for yourself. Help them and you help yourself.
  And that as they say, is the rest of the story!