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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Silver Bells

Well I have been very busy. And here is what I have been working on. I found someone who made these wonderful harnesses for my large blacks, to pull this large sleigh for a 22" doll. Isn't this something?
I'm not done yet as I am also writing a little story to go with this, and later on when it warms up outside I'll take some more pictures. I'll also show you her outfit, which is new.

  I really enjoy being creative, and doing the unexpected. I hope you like this.
  If anyone needed some work done with any size horse {harnesses,etc.} Drop me a note here and I'll reply and send you his name. He does excellent work and is very reasonably priced.
  I'll add to this later on, but in the mean time.... It's "The Carol of the Silver Bells".
I love sleigh bells!