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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The last Rose of Summer

  From time to time, I get lonely. Just like everyone else, it happens. So today I went out into the cold air and sunshine to check on the pond and my koi. This is what I found on the rose bush over the entrance to my garden.

Last night there had been a hard frost, so I was really surprised to find this one last beautiful rose of summer in full bloom. A simple thing, but a very big surprise.
  Then, as I was trying to clean some algae from the pond I had another surprise. A Steller's Jay like this one…..

flew up and landed in the tree next to the pond. He sat there for several minutes bright eyes and watching me. Then flew off across the garden. A second little surprise out of the blue.
   So many people ask for big things to happen to let them know someone cares. I'll take these few simple little surprises any day. My belief in God and his caring has never stopped, even through the lonely times. He always seems to let me know He's out there, and by these simple little things… a rose blooming when it shouldn't be, and a beautiful blue bird  {I call them blue birds of happiness} landing in the tree, when I hardly ever see them, let alone seeing a Steller's Jay.
  These simple little things lift my spirits and gladden my heart. I know someone cares, even if family or friends do not. So I guess I'm trying to say…. look for those simple little things. You will be surprised how many times there is a message just for you in them. And know…. He cares.