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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Here's a thought for you.

Many times I have wondered, does the work you must do remain limited to the amount of time you allowed for a project, or does it expand to fill every minute of that time and more besides?
In other words, You have allotted 2 days time to complete something. You think it will take only one day, but instead of completing in one day, your project has expanded to fill all of the two days.
Is it time required expanding to fill all of the alloted amount needed to complete, or is it, the project, the actual amount of work expanding? This is something I've had happen many time.
So I wonder who else has experienced this?
I have picked a project, decided it will take me about 3 days {in that amount I have added an extra amount of time, one full day, to allow for setbacks}. I will work at the speed I always do. Not slow and not fast. Half way thought this project I see I will not make the deadline of 2 days. There is just to much left to do. And indeed it will take all of the 3 days to complete.
What was that? Is it true, all projects expand to fill the complete amount of time set for it? Does that mean we shouldn't add any extra time to complete, or do we add more?
If I had a month to do something that only took me a week before to complete, will it expand to take the whole month. And procrastination is not something I think about or have any trouble with. And yet, I have seen many people who procrastinate for days and sometimes months. A thing never gets done, if you procrastinate about it.
I believe that is why you set goals { and set them honestly, so you can achieve them} and then make a plan as to how you will complete your project. By braking it down into manageable chunks you will be able to handle anything that comes your way.
Most people call it a game plan, but whatever you call it, setting limits and braking up the project into manageable amounts of work {read that as time} you will complete on time, and sometimes even earlier. It has worked for me lots of time. I don't see everything expanding like it use to. So is this the answer to that mystery? Management of project, cancels expanding time frames? Good questions, do you know?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's completely finished!

I just finished the quilt I am donating for a raffle to help others get chiropractic treatment, who can't afford it. It's finished size is 55" x 70" and it's a Texas Star pattern in red, white, and blue, with a touch of yellow/gold thrown in for extra measure.
I think it turned out really nice, and the quilted star pattern shows up on the back, as I did it in white thread. So take a look and see what you think .

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A new Star

I have had this material laying around for years. I finally decided to make up a quilt out of it, and then donate it to someone to help somebody. I am giving it to my chiropractor so he can raffle it off and use the money to help pay for someone's treatments who can't afford them.
Without his treatments I would be in worse shape and so I felt someone else might could use the help.
The quilt is done in a star pattern {the stars are one of my favorites}. The backing will be a bright cherry red, and the bindings will be the deeper red used in the front piecing. It has taken some time to get this far, and now I'm only half way, as I must pin the backing, batting, and the front together, so I can quilt it on the machine. I'm glad I finally got it in one piece, and I think it turned out very pretty. A generous twin size,it would make a good quilt for a student going off to collage.