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Sunday, May 24, 2009

What is it?

Is it a trunk, a box, a closet? Well what ever it is, I finally got it done after all these years.
I am so glad to, now I just need to select a doll to store her clothes in it, and I'm off and running.
I am so glad it's finished. I have been working on it for the past month and it was slow going because you had to stop and let the glue dry. So... now on to the next project.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Is change good?

Recently, on one of the lists I am on, a question came up about change. Some people on this list wanted it to remain the same, dedicated only to one thing. Many of the new people on this list wanted to be able to expand the horizon a bit. Not delete anything or do a hugh overhaul, but simply to add to what was available in a non compromising way.
There was some discussion, but a group {had to be more than one} of them, found it necessary to post to the owner privately. We, the rest of the group, didn't get to see their remarks, although we posted publicly. So what their objection was or what their thoughts were on this subject, were not available for viewing.
My question here is... should that have been allowed? More disservice and harm has come from this very kind of thing then anything else I've seen done on the internet. And a lot goes on here.
I for one never argue about something. I will discus it, exchange views, acknowledge their views and ideas, and expect them to do the same for me. But I will not sit and argue about anything, just to prove a point. I have my beliefs, and you have yours. And if the twain never meets, thats ok. I wasn't out to change anyones mind in the first place.
You have the right to decide, and as such you are responsible for that right. So many people throw their thoughts about like so many discarded tin cans in the land fill. Their thoughts and ideas become stale over time because they have remained steadfast chained to the lack of creative development, and avoid the constant change of the times.
Talk about dry and dusty! Most of the time they are the sole of unhappy "campers". Try to breath a refreshing idea into the program, and they will do their level best to squash it. Something not to their liking, becomes "mishmash".
How can they lump everything together under this heading, when they don't ever know what might be offered? Often they don't wait for the explanation, they just don't want it, whatever it is. I think they miss out on a lot of "golden" ideas and creative endeavors. But they still have their boring limited realm of existence, and nothing else matters. Not the rest of the groups needs. Nor the fact it makes them very obviously outdated. lol. But then maybe that's why they posted privately to the groups owner.
Enlarging upon this question, one can find this same thing again and again spread over so many different things. Is it only where creative ideas are shared? One wonders?
Does it limit others their creative designs? You bet! And that is intolerable.
So is change good? I would say so, if only to encourage the divine right of creative thought. But it goes so far beyond this one cannot see the end. We have fought wars over this, and it's called freedom. Free to create, free to decide, and mostly freedom of expression.
God bless America! I for one, am glad I live here.