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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ongoing work

Shovelful by shovelful, I am moving a mond of dirt and building a waterfall. And so the raindrops have put a halt to that for a few days.
But in the meantime, one can see a bit better how big and grand a scale this is turning into. Take a look...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Koi ponds

I have always wanted a fish pond. Like a Koi fish pond, but just wasn't able to get to it, or afford it. Now, at long last, I am working my way though weeds, rocks, and a lot of digging. Good thing I had help cause this would not have happened.
  This is the channel between the two ponds. My bridge needs to be revarnished, and the bolts tighten, but it is going to work out there I think.
I have a waterfall to build, and have to lay the liner in the other bigger pond. I will have to move that huge mound of dirt in order to make the waterfall be in the right place. A lot of work, but considering what I am working on as a whole, that is just a drop in the bucket, in the scheme of the whole garden area.
  Most of it will be transformed. Now if any one can tell me how to kill the wild grass roots, I will love you forever.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

For the love of life

I have often wondered what makes a person keep on going when so much is against one? Is it desire, stubbornness, determination, or just plain love of living?
  If it's desire... what could someone want so badly that would make them wish for more of the same? Of course that would depend on what the sameness was? Money, fame... maybe the love of ones life?
All good reasons perhaps to want more. Until it goes to ones head... and that can get ugly. Kind of like the movie Coyote Ugly where you would rather cut off your arm then wake up what is laying beside you. Some people just can't handle money or fame, and they get down right ugly to be around. But, the love of your life... that brings to mind something else entirely. Something beautiful and wonderful in the fullest sense of those words{ more on that later}.
  When a person gets stubborn... they are not pretty. In fact they can be completely ridiculous. Like an ostrich with his head in the sand, someone who is being stubborn sticks out his jaw, sets his shoulders at an angle and stomps off. Have you ever noticed how that jaw just aches to be hit? As in maybe some common sense could be gained by re-alining that jaw line? Someone who is just plain stubborn {and I do know a few like that} seems to never learn. They appear to have no common sense. A little bit of stubbornness can go a long way. After that.... I tend to take a different road. One they are not traveling!
  So, what about determination?  Can that carry one thought a mist of pain? Will that succeed when one has the loss of something one needs or perhaps what one holds dear? I think the mind can do anything a person sets themselves to do. Deal with pain, both body and mind, or even live no matter what. It's called "flying in the face of adversity". You have so much against you but you do it anyway.
One can be determined to live, love, laugh and even cry no matter what.
  I think it's up to you what it is you become determined to do. So make it something worth-wile! Make your life have counted for something more then yesterdays day old beer. It's flat, tasteless, and one can do without it. Do you want people to say of you "they didn't need to have lived at all, they were useless"?
  I have always wanted my life to have counted for something. I wanted something I could leave behind to say I had been here.
It's laughable to know that the very existence of the ones who would deny me that right of being counted for something, can not because they exist. No amount of ignoring, forgetting, or whatever they choose to do will change my rights.
  I exist therefore I am. It's good to know however, that my life doesn't rest on just that. So many things that I have done, been, lived, shared, become, loved and even hated stand as testimony to my having lived.
  Was it worth it....??? Only time can tell. I'm not famous, wealthy, beautiful, or any of the things so many think life must have in order to count oneself as being worthy of notice. But I have left my mark in many places, times and endeavors.
 So what is it that made me keep going? The love of life, and what was around the next corner. That and so much left undone if I just didn't keep going for another day, hour, or minute.
  What keeps you going? Perhaps the one thing that will never die.
Love of life or perhaps in life.... it will live on forever even if it's denied.
Make your life count for something worthwhile. There is nothing more worthy then love. Give that to a stranger, or a friend... and you will live on forever in their hearts... making your life worthwhile and someone who is glad you lived.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

done deal

The fence is done, and I am so glad. At last I will have privacy. And it looks great too.