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Friday, July 29, 2011

Adding More Detail and Moving IN!!

After finishing the caulking {and letting it dry}and filling the open spaces with a deep Styrofoam cut to shape, the playhouse was ready for painting inside. I first spray painted the ceiling a cream color, and painted the walls a pretty color called "Spring Stream" {a blue green tone}.
  After it dried I laid down a piece of tarp {for moisture barrier on the slatted wood floor} and cut some laminate wood floor pieces to fit. The floor is a blond color, and really finishes it off.
  Here is what it now looks like after moving the furniture in and putting up drapes etc.

Around the outside I have added other little details here and there, the most notable is the little wicker picket fence to outline the playhouses yard.

I still have a little clean up to do and to hang the hammock between the two trees. For the most part as of now, the playhouse is finished. I will be adding things inside as I feel the need, but it's ready to play in. I will be getting screens for the windows and the large door, that pull down into position, and lock. That way I can keep the kittens inside and still be able to have more air blowing through, I also plan on getting a heater for the inside to warm it up on the chilly fall and spring days.
  My home aways from home where I can go and play, write, paint, even sew as I have run a electrical cord out to the playhouse for light etc. I can take my laptop, Ipod, Ipad etc. out for easy access out there.
  So on to the next and last outside project for this year. The rock alcove around the seahorse. And of course the never ending sorting in the sheds.
  Your never to old to play.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Magic Details

This is just a touch of whimsy, and a bit of magical delight.
The two tall mushrooms to the left, are actually wind chimes.

The big one is a birdbath, and holds water. What better way to add delight for the eye and lightheartedness for the mind?

Adding Details

This is a victorian piece {and I have 4 of them} that is rod iron and used to hold oil lamps. I think some citronella oil lamps would be great to clear out the biting bugs.

I love it when I can get down to the details. I have been making plans, and working on the details for my little playhouse. This is the fun part!
  A problem solved about getting electricity to the playhouse, and not tripping on the cord. It's covered with rubber mats. The newest thing for gardens is the rubber mulch, so why not mat squares?
  And these are the inside of the little playhouse. Yes it's a cat climbing pole so my kittens will have a place to play when I bring them out with me.

  Not everything is in here yet, but I need to calk and then paint. After that I need to put down the floor, then I can move in, lol.
Right now I'm just seeing what will fit and what won't work.
Pretty neat, hummmmm?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And then comes the playhouse.....

I always wanted a playhouse, but my dad never built me one, so.... now I have gotten one for myself. It will be fun to get away to and I hope to be able to use it in the winter as well {with a little help from a heater, of course}.
  I have not taken pictures of the inside yet because I plan on painting it, and then putting down a nice floor. It will need it for sure. It took me two long.... days putting this together, and don't let anyone tell you you can't do it on your own, because I just did putting this playhouse together. A lot of work but again... it's done.
 This is where the playhouse will go. I made a base for it, to keep it up out of the dirt and help in the wintertime as well.

And now here is the finished playhouse.

Cute isn't it, and big enough inside for a desk and a few other things. I will even have electricity, as well as solar power.
  Now I need to get something to eat. I'll finish the outside another day. And yes I do have plans.

Garden Waterfall#2

This is what the other waterfall looks like. It's not running yet because I have to seal up some holes and I can't do that until I get the new liner in place. One step at a time, and it gets done.

And this is the rock mess cleaned up that made that waterfall.
And the greenhouses....
A whole lot of work, but worth it!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Don't boil this pot!

I couldn't believe it when I turned around and here was my Persian kitten in the sink, in this empty pot. She wasn't there a minuet ago, but for all the world looked like this was her new bed.
  {She had gotten up into the sink to get a drink of water, and then found this empty, dry pot to play in.} You never know where she'll be next.

  Isn't she something? She thinks she is!