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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Red's of Fall

  I went out tonight and took pictures of all the beautiful fall colors in my trees and bushes. I haven't seen color this vivid in a long time. Look at all the different shades of red orange and yellow blends.
So enjoy.... it's fading fast, and the Canadian Geese were flying over tonight. Sure signs of winter coming.

And the last rose of summer. They bloomed endlessly.
Now I'll be looking forward to spring and a riot of color in my Irises.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


First on the Saturday tour was Bath. I departed from the main group so I could see the fashion museum and after getting there found a really special surprise.
  Again, I was shooting though glass and couldn't use the flash,so some are not as bright as I would have liked. However, most came out alright. With over 60 pictures, I can't list them all. Here are a few.

The last three above are Lady Diana's gowns. They had a few on display.
  The coming out of the museum I went into another room separate from the other. They were having a vintage fair. I couldn't believe my luck. They had clothes, jewelry, lace, and lots of different things. I spent some money here, as you can imagine and counted it well worth what was spent. I came home with some wonderful vintage laces, and some real jet beads that will surely end up on one of my doll's dresses. And even a fluffy white, wired feather. How often does this happen? Not often enough I think.
  I was later to realize some of the laces looked a lot like Irish crochet.
  Once I torn myself away, I sped off down to meet back up with the tour group {I didn't want to miss the best part}. I'll post pictures later about the roman baths.

  Enjoy the dresses.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


In my whole life I never thought I'd ever get to Paris. But earlier on in the trip planning stage I found out I could take the Eurostar to Paris for the day. What transpired from there was adding another day then more days to my stay in London. The London part of my trip turned out to be the best.
  Early in the morning on Wednesday I took the train to Paris, and was met by a private car to take me to Versailles. The outside was grand, and made one think the inside was the same. However, aside from a couple of large stately beds, the walls and decoration on the walls and the paintings and replaced chandeliers {which were dirty} there wasn't much there to see. One could get an idea of how grand things must have been when Marie Antoinette lived and walked those halls. I did not get to the gardens or her chateau, as time was limited due to an appointment back in Paris. Following are pictures of Versailles. Some one could not help but get somebody in the frame, you didn't know or want there. lol

I took so many pictures there is no way I could up load them all so these few will give you an idea of what it was like. Worth the visit but don't expect to see more. Then back to Paris and a quick stop.

Here I am in front of the Eiffel Tower.

In paris I went to my appointment with a perfumery where I was taught how to develop my own perfume scent. This was a lot of fun mixing little drops of distilled scents, until you got one you really liked. I ended up with 7 ingredients in mine, wild roses, jasmine,and amber,  just to name a few {my scent is mine} and I can have it made up for me any time as I have that list of ingredients. She told me she could see me wearing this scent {meaning it suited me} and that she liked it. Not all of those making their own perfumes came up with something that smelled good. lol. It's not that easy.
 I named mine "Rose Knots".
  From there I went to a doll shop. The dolls in Paris are not the same as what they use to be , and this shop didn't sell any antiques. I did however buy a little marionette doll {but he put the wrong one in the box} I have sense gotten it straighten out and the right one, Puss In Boots is on it's way to me. I'll post a picture when I get him.
  Then I went out, only to see a wine shop across the street. I came away with three bottles of pink Champagne. They ended up costing me the earth, but I shall celebrate with them one day and they will be worth it. From there I went back to the Eurostar and back to London.
  While taking the trip back I met two very nice gentlemen, of which one turned out to be from Texas. lol. It is a small world indeed. They made the trip back to London seem short and were wonderful to talk too. I'm glad to have met them and will stay in touch, as with some of the people on my trip.
 That was the trip to paris, short but full and I'm glad I made it to the city of lights.

Monday, September 20, 2010

A river trip

On the second night I was in London I went on a dinner river cruse on the Themes. The food was very good, and it was lovely to be floating along on the river much as many others in the past had done and having a great repass to sooth my hunger.
  The Themes was a natural highway and may used the river ferries to go and come from court. Henry the eighth used it a great deal when courting some of his ladies.


If you ever get a chance to take the dinner cruse do so, it's worth it.
Early the next day... I took the Euro star to Paris.