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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Purple Tree

  When I said my Christmas tree was going to be purple, white and green, last year, no-one thought it would look very good. Well, it not only looks good, I think it makes a fashion statement. lol.
  "And when I grow old I shall wear purple."
   For some reason that sticks in my mind. So this year it was purple, kiwi green, and white. I found some really pretty glass balls, and the nice part is you will see some of them again, as I use certain colors together.
  The white owls are a big favorite for the cats. In fact, if I have any left on the tree at all I will be surprised. The pale green birds {in fact any birds are theirs, or so they claim} are another part they go after. I found some very unusual purple bugs that I just couldn't resist. Bugs on a tree? But just look at them they really do go there. I have never been so surprised at some of what I found this year. The white lacy drapes just really look like something special and rich.
  Turn the lights out and the tree glows purple. I love those white glistening pine cones. They really go with the rest of the tree this year. I was lucky enough to add another strand {making it three} so they would fit the tree better.


Well there it is. My 2009 Christmas tree.
What do you think?

Friday, December 4, 2009

In Search of.....

my mothers garden,.... I found my own!
 What a wonderful phrase. The first time I saw it, it made me stop and think. How this phrase applies to so many of the times and happenings between my mother and I, is deep and profound. History in the making as we grew older. My growing up and leaving home, my life as it was effected and evolved around hers. The control and influence of one upon another when there is no-one to step in and offer a different view, or ask for a variation in attitude toward one or the other. When none is allowed, leaves someone at greater risk. A risk that could leave deep scars for a life time that will never heal. And who is there to know? The one at risk seldom is allowed a voice, even in old age. "Suffer in silence". How rich is that meaning? Does one? Must one?
 I don't think so. No one should ever have to endure such a thing, and yet where the mother began the daughter prevails. And why? Because it pleases her? Just because she can? Is it truly worth the pain and heartache it inflicts? What does this say about the kind of person she has become? Was the one so right, so perfect she need be repeated in all manner and being?
  I have never seen where so hurtful a wrong made the repeating of the act, right. I can only feel sorry for that one. It spells out a great deal in the lack of upbringing, manners or morals that must have been present, let along the selfishness of intent to have let ... no intended for this to go on for so long.
What must have been in that mind. It shows a sad lack of maturity, not to mention a great deal worse.
  I've known others who have lived with like problems or perhaps they should be called memories? Many never get over what was inflicted on them as a child. Some have risen above the pain and hurtfulness, only to be struck again by another of like mind with the same eternal intent. I simply cannot understand why anyone would carry something that mean, and vile so far and never bother to examine their own thoughtlessness or take ownership of what they were intentionally doing. Or maybe they did, and that is their form of insignificant imaginary revenge? Of course by ignoring it all they can absolve themselves. Or so they think.
  I've tried hard to understand, and the truth is... I just don't get it. I guess I never will.
But the best part is, in examining myself so intently, in searching beyond myself.
I found my own garden. My place. Untouched, and untouchable by the deeds of the past. A place uniquely my own, where grows still that which is me. The garden God gave us all, each to his or her own. That place where we can make something more, bigger, better, lesser, or whatever needs be. It has always been there, and I think I always visited it when I needed too. It's the reason I survived. And the reason there is so much more, and why I can still share where and as I can, and with whomever needs me, for however small or large a time, place or thing.
  It too, is the reason we give voice to our feelings. Given wings they fly away. No one has to hear them, or for that matter understand them. It's only important that WE give. It's taken me awhile to understand why I wanted to say something at all. I don't even care if she knows or not. For one it's to late, for the other to early. Thank God, I don't have to stay stuck in the middle between them. lol.
And what is really important.... is there.
I found my own!
Here is hoping you will too.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

To age gracefully!

Well, I hope I am aging gracefully. I have not had a portrait done in a number of years, so I decided it was time. I think he did a great job. I've worked with Rick before when he was taking pictures for some articles of mine, so I knew he would do a good job. If you have ever wondered what I looked like.... now you know. I am not one for airbrushing out anything. This is me, as I am. If we should every meet this is what you will see. So what do you think? Am I doing ok? lol

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Found some more!

Well here are some more of my family. See if you can pick out James Ray and myself. This is one of those double birthday parties we had.
This is the last picture taken of my mom, me and my dad.

That was before I lost 5" in height.

This one is of my dad when we were in Alaska He's on the right side.

Dad when he was a lot younger. James Ray looked a lot like him.

My mom when she was a lot younger/
and this last one is of me. {I look like my mom there don't I? lol

As I promised, I'll scan them in later.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Remembering James Ray

This is a post for my niece.
   I will continue to look for other photos of my brother and upload them here for you. These are just the ones I had handy. lol. Let me know if you can't see them well enough, and I'll try again, or scan them.
This one is of James Ray when he was a teenager.

This next one is of your mother and James Ray.

This last one is the last picture taken of my brother.

The frame is curved glass so there is a bit of concave distortion going on, in the picture.

I'll up load more for you soon. Do send me an email and let me know what you think. lol.

Aunt Trish

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Climbing out from under!

This has been one of the longest, and most involved spring/summer/fall I have ever had. Thanks to a friend of mine I was able to let go of a lot of "stuff" that needed to be ditched, both in the sheds and personal history. By letting go, I was able to clear the way for a lot of new things.
  So the new craft room got done, and garage got built, and my road is now asphalted. I emptied out a lot of boxes of things that needed to be dumped. Stuff that I would never use. I also got another shed to hold just the fabric for my dolls and projects. This gave me more room to breath and sort.

  I also was able to get something I have always wanted. A carousal horse. I had always wanted a real one, but gave up on that idea quite a few years ago. I couldn't have taken care of one as needed, so I have a horse that eats dust, and doesn't leave anything on the rug. Hand carved wood, he is a replica of an antique and is only one of two that will be made. He is also the bigger of the two. The other one resides in Japan. And yes, I have been up on him for a ride. lol. Who could resist?
  This past week the last of the work was being done. My french doors were being put in, and they are beautiful. Just as I had envisioned them to be, I now have the 3 things I wanted when I got my place. One- a bay window, two- a chandelier, and three- french doors.
I have added to my place, and redone it, so it doesn't look the same. I'll add more pictures when I have my online house warming. Most of my friends live in other places, so I decided to have the house warming on line. If you'd like to see how it all has come together, check back about the middle of Dec. and I'll have pictures to show you around.
    So it's snowed, and I finished battening now the hatches, covering plants and benches, and in general preparing to spend the winter, planing my trip to Ireland. I decided I would take this trip alone and hire a guide to do the driving. Someone who knows history and would enjoy the places I want to visit. I have three mini castles I will be staying in, and a special medieval dinner in another large castle, near the end of my stay. I have wanted to go back for some time, and next year I will.
  This time it will be the trip of a lifetime, and I shall enjoy every minuet of it. I'll more than likely bring back more pictures then I did the first time. lol.
Well, I have a bit more sorting to do. Then, I'll be back online for the rest of the winter, posting to my blogs and creating like mad. Dolls, miniatures, and plans for my railroad, just to name a few.
Come and join me... I'll be here.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Look! I've got floor.

The floor is done and isn't it nice?
The molding is up as well, and I like it all.

Monday, August 17, 2009

It's got color!

I love this green! It's going to be bright and cheerful, and wonderful to work in. At last a craft room.
They will be laying the floor tomorrow, so tonight I have to varnish the floor and ceiling molding.
I have work to do.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Today's work

I can't believe how fast things are coming together. I am almost ready to prime and paint the interior, and tonight I finished up with the staining baseboards and ceiling molding. {I am sooo glad that's done} Now I have to put the urethane on to protect the stain. Then it's onto the walls.
I can't wait to be finished. Take a look....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Near the end

Still have lots of work to do but.... it's coming right along.

Monday, August 10, 2009


We are ready for the cement! It won't be long before I'll have my garage, and I can park inside.
The insulation went in today in the addition and I have half the molding stained. Another long night of work but, I'm just to tired tonight to do it.
Take a look at the updated pictures.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Working on the Addition

The work goes on and I'm waiting for the electrician to come so the room can be wired.
Here are the pictures from yesterday. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Craft Room

At long last I am getting my craft room built. It is coming right along and it won't belong before I'll be painting and moving in. These guys are fast!
Take a look and come back and see it progress.