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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Jumping the gun….

OK….. I know this is early, but…. I really wanted to do my christmas decorating early this year so I could enjoy what I've done a bit more. I've had this selection of hallmark ornaments for a number of years. I think they first came out in 1991. I have sense made a few things to go with what I bought, and this year added the tree skirt, wreath and mantle decoration. I also made some new decorations which you will see.
  So to begin with, here is the front door wreath.

This year the colors are royal blue, periwinkle, and purple or lavender.
All the colors for Hallmark;s Frost fairies. I really loved that collection and so have pretty much gotten everything they came out with.
  Behind these doors….
Is a wonderland of frost fairies, Fairy dust and a silvery frosted fiber optic glow.
L really loved the frost fairy idea, and Hallmark made some really pretty ornaments for this collection.
So, open the doors and take a look…. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

I forgot to tell you it's a white tree this year.

Now for a closer look.
Top of the tree is the fairy queen.

Some of the glass bulbs and fiber optic flowers. Of course blue and white lights as well.

These little fairy tutu's were some I made, like the one I bought so long ago. I also added fairy wings as it just seems right to have them.

I also made little drawstring pouches that hold a tiny little glass bottle of magical  Fairy dust. The one I bought was much larger, and I felt these tiny ones would be better.

These little lavender bags hold frosted berries as a late night treat for a hungry fairy.

These tiny lavender bags hold what the fairies find fallen from the sky on a cold frosty night. Perfect little frosted stars.

I also created frosted diamonds capped with a blue daisy & a satin flower and one little pearl.

There are some clusters of frosted candy pieces and crystal drops as well.

It is said that to have a bird in ones Christmas tree is to bring good luck all year. This pert little jay seems to agree.

The mantel was also decorated with silver and blues, and frost fairies.

 a closer look shows the details.

The quite beauty of the frost fairies winter-wonderland.