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Monday, November 24, 2014

There are just to many men around here!

Well snowmen anyway. lol. This year I decided to go with the to many men theme. I have been sewing and making up ornaments and other things with this in mind. Well, the tree is up. For now anyway, as the two youngest persian kittens think I just put the best toy around right in the middle of the floor for them to play with. LOL.
  This tree is not my usual style of trees, but that's ok because it's kind of fun to do something different. You be the judge and tell me what you think.

Here are some closer looks at those snowmen.

I spent some time making yo-yo's, and stinging them into a garland. I think it makes a perfect touch to go with the snowmen.

Nothing like fur balls to make it interesting. There are three of them under the tree.
right, left , and behind the tree base.

Let some of them melt.

What do you do with to many snowmen?