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Friday, December 26, 2008

The French Nosegay quilt

After all this time I finally got to work on my french nosegay quit. It's one I put off working on because I had another quilt that wasn't done. Now I started on it a few months ago and it's all in one piece ready to be quilted. I haven't chosen a style of quilting yet, and I will have to make the trek out to the shed and try and get to the roll of quilt batting   to be able to cut a piece so it can go with the top and backing to the lady who does the machine quilting.
  I never thought I'd get it done. I have one other one somewhere that needs to be cut and sewn, but for now this will be it.
Except for the project I will be working on for charity. I will make a Texas Star quilt top and have it machine quilted and then give it for a charity raffle to help someone get medical attention. It is what I can do and I feel it's a worth wile cause. So I shall begin that quilt top soon.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

One of my own

Some years ago, I was doing porcelain dolls and using other peoples molds. At one point I decided to try my hand at creating my own doll. So I sculpted the head/shoulder, arms/hands, legs/feet for a doll. Not a big one mind you but about 16" size.
  I really worked hard to create this doll, and after problems and more, I finally got a head I could live with. I painted and china fired her features, after pouring,cleaning and firing the first step. Then, I made her a body and dressed her. I am sorry to say this is a one of a kind as the mold was distroyed in the last move about.
  While she isn't perfect and not eveyones cup of tea, she is worthy of note. A little homely, but on the pretty side, and what  I can say is that she is mine. I created her. And there will never be another like her.
  So, my little prudish miss, shall live on in her mint green and cream lace dress, designed just for her. Even if I had tried to create another, she would have been different still.
  So my little lady stands alone, and that's not half bad either.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Added touches to my Christmas tree

I found some more bronze ornaments and have added them to the tree. The tree also has bronze birds as well now, and the cats have already tried pulling them off the tree. There are also green and cream feathered pieces . Joann's has a huge sale and the reindeer came from there. I also found these really long strands of bronze, that look like ice-cycles. I also brought out the sled I had tucked away.
Sometimes the best is saved for last. Enjoy!