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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Did the Cat get your tongue?

Well this one is big enough to jump to the top of my building. And….. He's a Halloween cat guarding his magical pumpkins. From the dark of night one see's glowing eyes.

Look out he's going to pounce!

I think he's guarding not only his pumpkins but the new Keltic Knot addition.

Nothing like a big black cat and glowing pumpkins to make all hallows eve something to think about.

This cat swings his head from side to side just looking for something or someone to pounce on.

And I'll bet he disappears just like he appeared , into the dark of night. I will look twice the next time I go out there.

I loved dressing up on Halloween and running around collecting candy. Back then we could do the innocent things like that and didn't have to worry about the stuff that happens today. I miss the old times and the fun we had. There is nothing like it today. And by the way, there is no evil intent here, just plain old fashion fun from the 50's.
 Besides, I like black cats.