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Monday, August 19, 2013

The threads of our lives….

  Like the threads of a spiders web, our lives have been a woven masterpiece. Even if one doesn't believe it to be so, there is no other like your intricately woven life.

Some spaces between events are perfectly spaced, even, and follow the pattern.
  Others are a little wider, not so perfect, and sometimes even distorted. But when you look at like this web, it can be no other way. It all comes together to form an artistic design, that will only be made and woven, once. You will have contributed your own unique outlook on life, and there will be many who will have been touched by your having woven the threads of your life in just such a way.
This web is bigger, and very different from the first. It evens looks imperfect. But is that because it catches more flies? Thus serving it's purpose, better? I don't think so. I think it's just different, but created with the equally same intent as the first.
  Our lives are all created as we direct them to be. To best of our ability, each web will be not lies and deceit, but an imperfectly woven design.
       May yours serve you well.

And remember, you have the power to change it.