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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The back side of the pond

Sometimes an idea just happens. I was wondering what I was going to do about the backside of the pond and if it would stand against the water filling up on the inside.
  Then I had an idea, and it looks like it's going to work out really well. I am waiting on the red/black, and tan Windsor bricks so I can finish building up the outer ring of the back side of the pond wall. It should make it very strong, and I will plant some of my miniature irises along the top, where it is filled in with dirt. There will be room for more of the fairy village when they come out with more pieces.
  So it was a good idea and I think when it's done it will look great. It will help to hide the black pond liner once it is it's full height, and I'll add a few pieces of flat stone as well to over hang the pond.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

At last a Dragon of fortune!

  My wonderful dragon has risen up in the pond now that there is water enough for him to swim. He is so at home, he spouts water happily back into the pond.
  I guess I did the sealing of the two pond liners correctly as there doesn't appear to be any leaks. It will take a lot of water to fill this pond up, and I still have to get a couple more of the preformed waterfall pieces in place as well as a water box that will let me even out the water flow.
  That will also mean building up the mound to make it high enough to continue the flow of water from the top down to the first little pond.
  I had to go wading in the water to set some rocks, and it was very cold where it came down the waterfall, as my well is 200 feet down.
  So, how does it look?

The large hose goes to the pump that will take the water back to the top of the waterfall, and it will be covered up so it's not so visible, and unsightly.
I think the waterfall, and now my koi pond has evolved into a lovely place to enjoy the sound of the waterfall, and look for the residents of the little fairy village. You never know what will show up next, and I for one enjoy the surprises that nature has given me.

A visitor to my garden

If he had jumped out at me I would have ended up in the pond, but he was very gentlemanly. I filled that little pond up so he could swim and put the wooden branch down in the water so he could hop on it.
Take a look, as I have never seen one of these little guys around my place before.
  Is he a prince or what? No I didn't kiss him. lol.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Formal Garden is done!

I put in the last big bed and the small one in the formal garden today. This completes this garden, and am I glad it's done. One down and three more to go.
  The four square garden with railroad track will have to wait till next year when I can hire help. It is just way to much to do by my self. The quack grass is murder on the joints.
  However I will be finishing up the koi pond, as the waterfall is near to being done. Then I need to get the green houses up and paint the floor on the screen porch, and that will be it for this year. Far more work then I ever thought I'd get done.
  So, what do you think of my formal garden {it use to be a formal herb garden.}?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Close-ups of the Fairy Village

These are the close ups of the Fairy village around the waterfall.

The last of today's work.

Here are the pictures of today's fairy village on the waterfall.