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Monday, November 22, 2010

It's that time of year again!

I'm trying to get some of my christmas decorations finished, to when the 1st comes around I can set up my tree.
  This year the theme is "I Believe" {as in I believe in Christmas, hope, joy, etc} and I have a lot to get done. This is the first year I decided to make the tree topper. Last night I finished her, and she really is quite pretty. I saw a very pretty one I would have liked to buy, but as I wanted to make most of everything this year, I opted for making something just as nice. I was going to show the how to, but it's just so simple I decided just to show what I created in stead.
 She started out with one of those cheap porcelain doll kits of head and hands. I made a simple body that ended at the knee as there were no feel, and I thought this would give her some balance. Then I created a red wire cone shape, that would set over the top of the tree. I stuffed the body, sewed it closed at the bottom and sewed the arms to the top of the cloth body. Once the glue had dried {head on top of the body and the arms in the cloth upper arms, I wrapped the wire {top of the cone shape} around her waist.
  After that it was a matter of what all I had collected to decorate her with, such as hand strung beads twisted into multiple loops, berries, velvet poinsettia flowers, three different kinds of wired ribbon, feathers and a few other little things.
  You can often find trimmings at the store that you can take apart to add to your creation. Follow your own inner creative ideas from here on out and you will surprise yourself, as well as create an heirloom to hand down to family or friends.
  Here is my little red fairy creation. She will nestle on the top of a cloud of red feathers.