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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Climbing out from under!

This has been one of the longest, and most involved spring/summer/fall I have ever had. Thanks to a friend of mine I was able to let go of a lot of "stuff" that needed to be ditched, both in the sheds and personal history. By letting go, I was able to clear the way for a lot of new things.
  So the new craft room got done, and garage got built, and my road is now asphalted. I emptied out a lot of boxes of things that needed to be dumped. Stuff that I would never use. I also got another shed to hold just the fabric for my dolls and projects. This gave me more room to breath and sort.

  I also was able to get something I have always wanted. A carousal horse. I had always wanted a real one, but gave up on that idea quite a few years ago. I couldn't have taken care of one as needed, so I have a horse that eats dust, and doesn't leave anything on the rug. Hand carved wood, he is a replica of an antique and is only one of two that will be made. He is also the bigger of the two. The other one resides in Japan. And yes, I have been up on him for a ride. lol. Who could resist?
  This past week the last of the work was being done. My french doors were being put in, and they are beautiful. Just as I had envisioned them to be, I now have the 3 things I wanted when I got my place. One- a bay window, two- a chandelier, and three- french doors.
I have added to my place, and redone it, so it doesn't look the same. I'll add more pictures when I have my online house warming. Most of my friends live in other places, so I decided to have the house warming on line. If you'd like to see how it all has come together, check back about the middle of Dec. and I'll have pictures to show you around.
    So it's snowed, and I finished battening now the hatches, covering plants and benches, and in general preparing to spend the winter, planing my trip to Ireland. I decided I would take this trip alone and hire a guide to do the driving. Someone who knows history and would enjoy the places I want to visit. I have three mini castles I will be staying in, and a special medieval dinner in another large castle, near the end of my stay. I have wanted to go back for some time, and next year I will.
  This time it will be the trip of a lifetime, and I shall enjoy every minuet of it. I'll more than likely bring back more pictures then I did the first time. lol.
Well, I have a bit more sorting to do. Then, I'll be back online for the rest of the winter, posting to my blogs and creating like mad. Dolls, miniatures, and plans for my railroad, just to name a few.
Come and join me... I'll be here.