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Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Lush Garden Surprise

It seems like it was only yesterday, that the garden was bare, trees and plants were dormant, and nothing looked very special. Yesterday I went out into the garden to look around and was so surprised to see green, and flowers, and a lushness everywhere. It has rained a great deal this spring, and turned everything a rich green shade. I can't help but want to share this with everyone. I have worked so hard to make this garden grow and turn it into someplace to enjoy {even though I don't sit still for very long.} So following are pictures of my garden….. and this phrase to remember.

  In search of my mother's garden…..
                                                             I found my own.

Friday, June 21, 2013

At long last…...

After 4 years of delays, problems, this and that, my swimming pool is done with the new cover  I had decided tout over the pool to keep dust, pine needles and bugs out. As well as to make it warmer and perhaps more able to swim in in the spring and the fall.
  I am in the process of filling it up with water, and that is going to take a few days, as I can't let it run non-stop for fear of drawing the well down. The ground right now is really wet, so hopefully what's down there is running high, due to all the rain we have had. If this work as I hope it will, the pool should be heated by the warm air, as well as making it safer in the winter, and less likely to freeze.
  So here it is, at last the cover over the pool and it's my pool is done.