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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Is Old really old?

Or are we just lead to believe, that past a certain age your "old". For me it's a matter of what my body is telling me today, and that depends on the weather. How can a body be a weather vane and how does one get there in the first place? Ask anyone who has had an injury and they can tell you if it's going to snow, rain, or be sunny. Today it's snowing, on and off. Will it never end?
  Maybe, if we all write ode's to the sun, or something like that, it will come out at last. I looked up at Glacier Park the other day, and judging from the white to the ground look of things, Going To The Sun Road, isn't going to be open for quite a while.
  So how is your 'road' today? Every wonder what life would have been like if you had taken that 'road less traveled by'? Is life so pre-planned that no matter what,  your on the road you were supposed to be on. 
  I really  believe we have this one thing guaranteed to us at birth. The right to decide. {Death and taxes are a given, but many don't think about this.} You make decisions everyday and many in a day. It's what separates us from the animals. They don't sit about drinking tea and making up their minds about that lion in the bush behind them. Its fight or flight, and that's it.
  I'm also wondering about what influences our decisions. We learn things, we live life, and what else? We see, hear, feel and think before we make up our minds. It's quite a process, and very involved, but is that it? What about that little feeling in the back of your mind, that tells you you've been here, done that before?
  I believe, that pure emotion is residual. Religion teaches us that love is forever. That is pure emotion. If love is forever then any strong emotional event in your life, will remain forever. The one thing you would carry with you, if you came back to live another life, wouldn't be memories. It would be emotions. That emotion might trigger the memory of what caused it. Love, hate, fear... all of those things would carry with it that feeling of having been here before and done that. 
  So if love is forever, and our souls can carry that feeling, then we would also have all the rest to select from as well. Your body is dust to dust and ashes to ashes, and next time you would have a different one. No memories, but pure emotion with the soul and this time maybe you'll get it right. It all boils down to learning. And learning is often triggered by emotions. The circle is complete, and the wheel turns again.
What have you learned in your lifetime? Is old really old?
Well, just my thoughts for the day, take it or leave it, live it or not. You have the right to decide.
As do I.

Blessing of a sunny day upon you,

Saturday, April 5, 2008

How time flies!

When you're having fun, is the rest of it. But I wasn't having fun, just trying to stay warm, in this twilight zone of winter/spring, wait.... it's not here yet, time of year. Who stole the sun? I think I know every shade of gray one can find, and I'm tired of it.
  I was working on a new project last night, and really got tired of the silence. Often at night, {being a night owl, one works well into the night at your best creative output.} I burn the midnight oil. There is nothing to compare with that silence. Not a creature was stirring, except me, and even the cats get jumpy sometimes with the silence. So, I decided to run speaker wires down the hall to my bedroom. This would let me play my records and tapes, listen to the radio and in short, have something else stirring besides me and the cats.
  It took a couple of hours, but by the time I was done, I had sound in the room. Even got wires to the computer up out of the way as well. Now I can have something to listen too. The cats couldn't figure it all out, but throw a mouse for them and they're happy.
Another project finished, thats  needed doing for some time. Well, it just takes time.
  Ever get a notice to bring in your vehicle in for that x number miles check-up? I really had to laugh this time, because it was for my FJ's 5000 mile check up. I had to call them and tell them I was no where near that milage. More like 2000 miles. Good thing I got the extended  warranty.
  I started another new project. Something I've been wanting to do, just putting off. It took me awhile to gather the supplies {interesting how few needlework crafts are being done these days} as I had to order in the supplies. Not much around here in tapestry wool. But I have enough now to work on this new project. An embroidered knot garden. Not flat, but 3 diminutional. It's going in a 12" x 12" shadowbox with a glass piece insert. That's to keep a certain little black cat from taking off with anything he takes a fancy to in the box. I can't believe how much trouble he can get into in one night. Right now, he's demolishing a feather he stole from my supplies. So I know when I'm all done with that garden, it won't be safe unless it's under glass. Besides, it will keep the dust off all that fancy work.
  Did you know that's what they use to call it? Any kind of needlework, be it embroidery, knitting, whatever. It was referred to as fancy work. Of course, back then ladies sat around doing just that, and little else. Your corset wouldn't allow you to do much else.
  The little knot garden is coming along as they say. The four walls are done and mounted in the box. I'm working on the gardens now. Lots of different stitches, threads, yarns, and ribbons. Throw in a few beads, and its spring. I know you were wondering if I was just rambling, or what. I can honestly say its spring time in my garden. I'll post a picture when I'm all done. 

PS: That may be awhile yet. lol.

 Until next time, may your flowers bloom in May!