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Friday, March 15, 2013

A Remembered Dream

  Sometimes we get a chance to do something we could only dream about when we were younger. For me it was the trip of a life time to London, Paris, and Ireland. Every once in a while I can close my eyes and remember. Walking down the hall that Ann Boleyn reported to run screaming down to pound on the door when Kind Henry the Eight refused to see her, and she was to be taken to the tower before she died. Or walking in the garden at Hampton Court which was my favorite castle and place to visit. Knowing that within the walls of the Tower of London there had been many who died or pasted through on their way to another place, living or dead.
  Walking among the many treasures of the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the two two hour appointments viewing the gowns in the back room. Never did I believe that would ever happen.
Taking classes with the Royal Embroiders guild of England.Shopping for a new hat in a little shop hidden away in London, where the Queen purchases some of her hats. Staying in a 4 star hotel for the first and only time in my life. Gilding down the Themes river on a supper cruse and having Happy Birthday sung to me by everyone on board.Visiting Windsor Castle and seeing Queen Mary's dollhouse.
Taking the Aerostar to Paris and visiting the palace of Versailles and walking down the great hall of mirrors. Creating my own perfume blend in a little room overlooking a street in Paris. Standing in front of the Eiffel Tower to have my picture taken. And buying champagne to celebrate my birthday.
  Spending a week in a little castle in Ireland where I had my pictures taken in the garden completely dressed in my Marie Antoinette gown, I created just for that purpose.
  As with all things, part of my trip was spoiled. But the rest of the memories will be there to touch upon from time to time, as I close my eyes and relive a time where a dream became real and something longed for was realized.
  We all have those moments in time, and it's a very good thing we do, as life rushes over us crashing into the realities of day to day living, and the moment we must face the road not taken.
  Where your dreams realized? At least some, anyway?
  Stop and smell the roses. I believe this is what best describes the remembrance of our dream realized. No-matter what it was, take but a moment to revisit that special place. It need not be shared with anyone, or perhaps in the sharing the reality will re-awaken a remembered past to full blooms of yesterday dreams.
  It lingers in the shadowy halls of our past and visiting is free.