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Monday, September 19, 2011

Winterizing the Playhouse

It turned cold and rainy, so my thoughts turned to the playhouse in winter. I knew I needed to make winter thick drapes, and I am so glad I did all the other things to make the playhouse better, and more cozy.
  I did get the screens made and even a screen door for the big door. Of course now I won't need it, but come next spring I will, and it will be waiting tucked away in the garage.

  Here are pictures of the playhouse, now.
A view of the pond from the front little door, and the new alcove.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Scrap memories

Is a scrapbook made up of memories or scraps of one's life?
  I have been working on my scrapbooks at long last, and in so doing a lot has come to mind. One thing, was if anyone would care about the scrapbooks themselves? Would anyone  morn my passing? Then I realized something..... I didn't want anyone to morn. Isn't ones life a personal thing? Made up of individual moments, happenings both good and bad? Private except where it was lived in the public eye. Personal, except where it was shared. For me it was up close and very personal. I have survived where others would have failed, and choose to live as I do. Alone isn't a bad word, when it comes to being hurt. Alone, one can't be hurt. It is in the sharing that it happens. More often than not unasked for. I was raised to expect certain things from others, both friends and family. It seems they always fell short of what little I wanted and needed. I always said I wouldn't become like them, as it were "falling to their level". And so I haven't.
  I have passed thought this life as I am, being made by what I have endured, shared, and lost. No part of it can be can be changed without effecting the rest.
 The truth is I have lived, and been and created more then the average person. That is not for nothing. Touched to many lives, changed others for the better, and cried over what I hurt. Remorse is good for the soul. It helps you to grow.
  So I will pass out of this life as I lived though it. With courage, determination and somehow I'll make it creative. And best of all... I will carry no burdens of any others designs. Like the water in the pond..... a few faint ripples created by someone or thing else, then the quiet stillness. A peacefulness born from the stillness of one soul alone. No fireworks, no fanfare, no great announcement! The sound of the clock ticking away, moving on.
  Do I feel a loss? No ,not at all. I'm not sorry for anything, and I am glad for all I have gotten to do. It is the way it was.
  The few in my life, are there because they want to be and for no other reason, or profitable gain. {Well, the cats may want to be fed, but that's a given.} The rest isn't even missed.
 Here is hoping you can say the same when your time comes.
I took the road less travel by......

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Alcove

At long last I have finished creating {except for the roof} the alcove that will protect my sea horse from the weather. It was two long days of work and playing in cement. The 22 lb. retaining wall bricks got very heavy trying to lift them to the top layers of the wall. I was able to also use some of my glass "bricks" to add interest and a touch of whimsy. All in all it turned out very well, and promises to 'be there' for some time to come. Now I just have to figure out how to make the roof, and get that done. For the most part another big job done, and the more done this year the less to do next year.
  Now I have to decide if I will paint a shed or pour dolls. Both need to be done if I can do it. I want to be able to enjoy what I have created next year. The main job for spring will be working on my garden railroad. At long last I can play, and hope to get that train running on time. lol.
  Remaking the main waterfall {3 times}, and creating the second waterfall {three times} as well as digging the pond deeper, was the first and biggest job. Then I had to replace the liner, because of a leak I couldn't find. At least now I know there are no leaks anywhere, waterfalls or pond.
  I went through all the sheds and the old addition three times, and managed to dump quite a bit, and yet there is still more that needs to go. I think I can find my way through all of them now, at least.
  Building and finishing my playhouse {refinishing the inside so it looked really nice} was another big project that got done. Now I have a place to 'get away from it all' and I don't even have to leave home to do it. It will be fun to get to enjoy it now{with a heater of course}. Last of course, is building the alcove. I didn't get the flower bed next to the house dug this year, so that will have to wait till next year, again.
  Need to mow the lawn one more time, then start looking for the time to put everything to bed for the winter. Winter is almost here, and I am still wondering where summer is. At least I have something to show for this year's projects. Glad I got the pavement sealed, it was time. And then there was that much needed gate. Now to celebrate my 65th birthday and start on the inside of the house, at long last. Still a lot of sorting to do.
Well here's the alcove.....

OH oh.... where did that come from? Looks like someone moved in when I wasn't looking.