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Sunday, September 9, 2012

I feel the need….

To say something, but my mind is jumping in so many directions… Ever feel that way?
I am wondering if I will get everything done, I have put aside, not finished, just relocated, found, and in general left till after everything else got done. I am tired of doing what everyone else thinks should be done. I have put so many people places and things ahead of me, that here I am wondering will I ever get to it all, or for that matter get everything done, before I can't do anything at all.
  Do you have a hard time deciding what to work on first? Sometimes it's hard to settle on just one thing.Then I spend so much time looking for all the pieces and parts so I can work on something, that I get to tired to start the project.
  Is this what comes with "old age"? There is just so much I want to do, and not just sewing, or painting, or …. or…. but a whole bunch of things. How do you decide what to work on, when you can't settle to just one thing. I get off in another room looking for something, and get side tracked. An hour later here I am wondering what it was I was doing in the first place. lol. And don't say you have never done this… we ALL do it. So how do you handle the diversions?
  I have tried making lists… lol… I lose those seems like over night. I've tried stacking up the gathered "stuff" too make whatever it is, and end up with a huge pile that gets dumped by the kittens at play, and mixed up. Nothing like seeing something  trailing after a cat as it disappears down the hall.
I've tried putting things in a tub, and stacking the tubs up, but they have overflowed the back porch, and it takes awhile locating what your looking for… and here you go on the round around again.
  I wish I had a large lazy Sue that would let me load it up, spin it around, and just take something off to work on. lol. Wouldn't that be great?
  So if you have an idea do share, I'm more then ready for it.