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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Easter doesn't have to be pink.

I decided to use a different color this year to decorate my table . Last year it was pink and green, and all the traditional colors one thinks of when thinking of Easter. So this year I went with a different color.

Yes, Orange… as in carrots and bunnies.
Then I added a wide band of cream colored lace. I think nothing says Easter like lace.

I made the under layer in plain orange {I can see halloween coming}. Then found this wonderful flowered print with an orange background that matches the orange color. I don't think it could have been any better suited. 

The little sheep are so cute, and there are little fluffy checks, as well as a bunny or two in the basket.
My Easter basket has a collection of flowers, berries, ribbon and an egg or two in a natural colored basket.

Even the tea towel is orange with a carrot design woven into the fabric. I guess one doesn't have to use only pastels to show off an Easter basket after all.
I really like it. Don't you?

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