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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Cramming with style…..

When you have a limited amount of space, and a lot to put into it… that's what you call it.
  I've been looking for a sewing table that would fit many needs. Yesterday, after UPS brought my new table, and I put it together, came the crazy part. How to get it all in there and not feel cramped.
  My sewing/computer room has it's limits, but I had faith it would all fit …. somehow!
  I'm still moving stuff back in, but at least now, I don't feel like a sardine in a tiny can.
What do you think?
The new table….

A new table for my old Singer


A workbox {stuffed with scrapbooking supplies}

The computer section...

More storage….{ one can never have enough}

And the new table opened out into extend space for cutting or working on a scrapbook...

Pretty neat I think….

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