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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Here we are again…..

Time for Christmas decorations {and yes they are already in the stores.} lol.
  So for this year, I had a change of plans. I had planned to use an angel theme.
However, something else came up. In the spring I had started to work on a project with
peacock colors. Then it seemed everywhere I looked there were peacocks. The colors, the bird,
and on just about everything. Then I decided to make my tree and decorations  with peacocks.
Love the richness of the colors.
  When the ornaments came out in the stores, there were peacocks everywhere. So here is what it looks like when peacocks and christmas combine.

First was the door wreath…

Then I started with putting up the tree, and it's explosion of colors.

The tree is green, but more like a different shade of the usual green tree. I had more ornaments from past trees then I could use.
I love the way it turned out. I still have the tree skirt etc to make up, but I so enjoy seeing the christmas tree and I almost always take it down very soon after christmas. This lets me enjoy the tree dressed in all it's finery, and just maybe encourage others to be thinking about their tree.
  So here it is…. peacock heaven.

There are birds, and fish and even a dragonfly or two. Lots of colored balls, and this year the lights, fade from white to blue and back again.
  What do you think of the peacock tree?

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